Family Medicine

What is family medicine?

Family medicine is a specialty of medical practice that is centered on providing long-term professional care to all members of a family. Family medicine makes use of a number of different medical approaches to create a comprehensive healthcare solution that is customized to the needs of each family member. Treatment can be provided to patients from infancy through retirement and beyond.

What are the benefits of a family medicine approach?

One of the primary benefits of choosing family medicine as a healthcare solution for an entire family is the insight that the practitioner can gain into a patient’s full scope of health. In other words, understanding an individual’s place in his or her family, as well as being aware of any challenges or strengths that lie within the family structure can help a physician determine the absolute best course of treatment. Family physicians are trained to provide care for both sexes, all ages and each and every type of disease.

What if a condition requires the services of a specialist?

In certain cases, a patient will present a medical condition that is best treated by a specialist. In those cases, the family medicine practitioner is able to make use of his or her professional relationships to make a referral to a specialist that is best suited to meet that individual patient’s needs. During and after treatment for that specific condition, the family medicine practitioner will communicate and collaborate with the specialist to ensure proper ongoing care.

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