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What is a ‘House Call’ Doctor?

Making a house call is an old-school approach to practicing medicine, but a service that is coming back into style. Put simply, a house call doctor brings the office to you, so you don’t have to make the trip. This option is especially important for patients that cannot make it to a doctor’s office for any reason. They may be elderly or housebound, for example.

Why would a doctor agree to make house calls?

There are a number of reasons house calls make sense for patients. For one thing, it might provide an older patient the opportunity to remain self-sufficient. An elderly person living at home can thrive in a way someone in a nursing home may not. Having a physician come to the house is a cost-effective way to manage the health of someone who might otherwise have to be hospitalized, too.

Visiting a patient at home offers medical advantages, as well. It allows the doctor to get a sense of how his patient is doing in their home environment. Patients are on the best behavior when they come to the office. At home, the doctor can learn about the person’s lifestyle, eating habit and ability to live independently.

What should you expect when the doctor makes a house call?

A house call will be very similar to an office visit. The doctor will assess your condition, check your vital signs and do an exam. He may take blood samples and even arrange for imaging services, as well. Making house calls give your doctor the opportunity to strengthen the bond by making your medical care more personal.

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