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What is urgent care?

Urgent care describes conditions that require immediate attention, but which are not life-threatening. For instance, if you have a sprained ankle, it needs medical care to reduce swelling and pain and to begin proper healing as quickly as possible, but it is not a life-threatening injury. Radiating chest pain, on the other hand, could signal a heart attack and would require emergency care. Urgent care doctors have the skills to help you get the care you need as quickly as possible without the need to go to a crowded, busy emergency room.

What are the advantages of seeing an urgent care doctor compared to going to an emergency room?

Most emergency rooms today are overcrowded, which means wait times for non-emergencies can be very long – often well over an hour before you’re even admitted to the treatment area, followed by longer waits for a doctor. Plus, emergency waiting room areas can be filled with germs, which means you risk exposure to illness simply by waiting to be treated. Seeing an urgent care doctor eliminates the long wait times and the office environment means far less risk of any exposure to harmful germs.

A concierge doctor is your primary care physician, but much more. You get VIP service in the office and immediate appointments. If there is an emergency, the doctor is available to you.

Do I need an appointment for urgent care?

No, if you have an urgent care need, you can simply walk in for an appointment.

What types of urgent care services do you offer?

We offer care for urgent needs like sprains and strains, earaches, colds, flu, asthma and allergies, sports injuries, wound and burn care, diarrhea and vomiting, allergic reactions, sore throats and more. On-site lab testing enables patients to obtain complete and thorough care.

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